CCTVYLLE comics & Monograph SOLD OUT at MCM Scotland Comic Con

When MCM London was over back in May 2017 we thought it would have been hard to match  the sales

at the next comic cons that we were going to attend the same year. We were proved completely wrong

when, just a few months later, we landed in Glasgow.


What a blast it was the MCM Scotland Comic Con for us!

Gianluca Bonomo, lead artist and Diego Blanda, scriptwriter were signing copies of cctvylle comics both

Saturday and Sunday. By lunchtime on Sunday we had run out of comics, run out of monographs and

one hour later many art prints were gone too.


It was amazing to witness all that, people’s reactions and comments were overwhelming, we could not

possibly hope for more. Visitors expressed quite passionately  their admiration for both the concept and

the art that characterises CCTVYLLE project.

Besides the sales this was yet another extremely encouraging experience and we look forward to the next

opportunities to engage with people, whom we alway enjoy chatting and sharing ideas with.


Below are some images taken during the two fantastic days in Glasgow,


Thank you Glasgow and many, many thanks to MCM Comic Con, MCM Scotland, MCM Comic Village team.

21761887_1536952423036913_6451927630556638263_n    21687538_10214432270945175_8343057283875314494_n


21764770_1536952509703571_5279269449210149391_n        TV Head

bag blurred

Table prints   Cristina

CCTVYLLE_03_02_medium_res   Video



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