Join the production of CCTVYLLE comics – Our Kickstarter campaign is now live!

Hi guys,

we are delighted to announce that our kickstarter campaign for the production of our third comic episode

is now live!

Following the release of issues #00 and #01 it’s now time to discover how a group of intrepid young

people intend to build a strong resistance against the grotesque state of mass-surveillance, which has

produced among the citizens a level of collective paranoia never seen before.


Gianluca  Bonomo and his collaborators bring the CCTVYLLE project to the attention of the huge community

of in order to raise the necessary funds for the new episode #02 and share the effort with

“like-minded citizens”!


There’ll be a 33 days time window to join the “all-or-nothing” pledge of £1850 ($2294 or € 2183) on the popular

fundraising platform kickstarter. Anyone who loves and support art and comics and everyone who is very much

interested in the effects that extreme mass surveillance can have on our society can contribute to the creation of

the new pages of CCTVYLLE comics and be a part of it.


The dedicated Kickstarter page offers detailed information on the project and a great number of samples of work to

check out. Visit it to find out more about Bonomo’s collaborators, the comics main characters and the quality

of the art created so far.

 Take a look and support us


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