What CCTVYLLE comics showed in 2014 and what the news reveal in 2017

Today Giuseppe Franzella, a dear friend and one of the pencil artists with Vittorio Garofoli of the

3rd issue of CCTVYLLE comics , sent to me an article published on the “Mail Online” in

September 2017 with this headline:

China’s ‘Skynet’ camera identifies pedestrians and vehicles 

What I find amusing is that back in 2014 (the year we published the first issue of CCTVYLLE) we literarily

visualised this scenario in our very first issue of the comics. Here’s the page (BTW we discussed this scene

with Diego Blanda, the scriptwriter, even earlier in 2013).


Even though we’d be tempted to comment and say that soon we’ll be hearing about “flying”

surveillance tools (no doubt about that)  I guess that the videos and info linked above and

below are enough to take in for today.

CCTVYLLE is happening, isn’t it!

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 21.40.50




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