CCTVYLLE #02 Is now out!

285x210mm, Silk paper

The new issue of CCTVYLLE is now out,

CCTVYLLE #02 comes with a few unexpecxted twists & turns and a new character who has decided to help Sean, Claire and Damien to get into action. In order to do so she
has to confront pretty much everyone we have known so far. Sean seems to be going through a crucially difficult moment. Is he really ready to face reality and take some strong decisions? The time to react is now.

Produced with the fantastic help of almost 100 Kickstarter backers

Paperprint Version £ 4.20
PDF Version £ 1.99
Please download the full comic
as pdf for just £1.99
and/or order the paper print
(28.5x21cm) for £3.50